AgentOffice real estate CRM software provides all the tools you need to streamline your daily real estate business activities. Whether you need to send a mail merge campaign or back up your data in the cloud, AgentOffice can handle it with ease, and the knowledge base can show you how if you run into snags. For additional assistance troubleshooting your AgentOffice software, please contact Technical Support.

Managing Your Checkbook

Managing Your Checkbook: Use the Checkbook module to keep track of your bank account information. You can record transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and checks for your accounts. In the Checkbook module … Continue reading

Creating a CMA Presentation

Creating a CMA Presentation: When you create a CMA you can use a CMA template/setup that came with the program or define your own template/setup.  The comparable properties you use in a … Continue reading

Editing Comparables

Editing Comparables: After you manually enter a comparable, you may want to edit the property details. To edit a manually entered comparable property: 1)  In the Listings module, click the CMA Comparables … Continue reading

Searching for Comparable Properties

Searching for Comparable Properties: You can search for comparable properties from your MLS or the local database of comparables on your computer. Warning! If you want to search for comparable properties from … Continue reading

Removing Comparables

Removing Comparables: 1)  In the Listings module, open the listing record from which you want to remove comparable properties and click the CMA Comparables tab. 2)  Select the comparable you want to … Continue reading