Does Your Real Estate CRM Software Do That?

In its simplest form, a contact management software for real estate agents does exactly what the name implies – it lets you manage your contacts. As an agent, wouldn’t you want to have everyone’s information in one place? And by everyone, we mean everyone! After all, strategic networking is key for any agent out there!

A contact manager lets you create lists that include virtually anyone you have ever done business with, are doing business with right now, or are planning to do business with in the future.

But a contact manager isn’t just a list of your connections. It goes far beyond that. The best contact manager will simplify all of your contact management activities. So instead of checking email, reviewing past calls, and trying to remember which properties you have shown to your clients all in different places, get a contact manager that will consolidate all of those activities for you. Here are some things you’ll want your contact management software to have:

  • Smartphone synchronization that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime
  • Email Integration for easy communication with contacts
  • To-do lists that let you stay on top of things
  • Calendar integration for scheduling meetings and viewing appointments
  • Contact history logs that allow you to view all past conversations and transactions
  • Organization into groups that lets you sort contacts according to customized options
  • Automated email campaigns that allow you to reach targeted groups

Good contact management software will help you ensure that you never forget to follow up or keep in touch with anyone in your environment. With it, marketing to and managing your clients couldn’t be simpler. 

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