Frequently Asked Questions about AgentOffice. Click a link to read more.

Version 10 (6)

How do I export my contacts?

To export all contacts, follow these instructions: Export Contact Information

To export contacts by category or group, follow these instructions: Export Contacts by Category or Group

If I upgrade, will I be able to copy over my current data?

AgentOffice has one of the industry’s most powerful data migration tools. Our Technical Support team will work with you during the migration process.

Will AgentOffice work on my Mac?

No, AgentOffice is intended for Windows PCs.

Does AgentOffice 10 have a data upload for smartphones?

No, this feature is not available.

How much does AgentOffice cost?

AgentOffice pricing varies dependent on the version you select. Detailed information is provided on the Pricing page.

Which version of Windows is AgentOffice compatible with?

AgentOffice 10 is compatible with Windows XP and higher.

Prior versions of AgentOffice are compatible with Windows XP.