Gardening SEO Style: Five Steps to Enhancing Your Online Marketing Via Search Engine Optimization


The key to marketing yourself online is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the skill that can help you exceed your goals if used correctly. However, the work that you put into SEO will not instantly help you. It takes some time. Think of SEO like a garden. In the beginning, you go through the time and effort of clearing the area for the garden, picking the right plants, planting the seeds, and caring for them. The garden does not yield crops instantly, but with enough time and care you will have a great garden and plenty of crops. Here are some SEO tips that will help you grow your “online marketing garden.”


Step 1: Survey the Area

The first step of growing a garden is to survey an area and choose what is the best place. In SEO, you must do something similar, you must check what your Keyword competition is. This is a very simple process. Simply go to and type the following: “allintitle: your keyword”. What this does is it narrows down your search to simply the keyword in the title. This will show your true rank against your keyword competitors. Another way to determine the competitive environment surrounding the keywords that your website is built arround is to use Google Ad Words. This is a tool created by google and can be used to determine which keywords are the most and least competitive. Check out this article to learn more about how it works.

Step 2: Choose Your Seeds

The next step in planting a garden is to choose the seeds. You will need to choose seeds that will work well together in the garden, and will give you benefits once they are grown. This process is similar with your choice of keywords. In order to help your website jump up the ranks you need to choose relevant content. However, similar to seeds, you cannot just put them haphazardly. There must be a flow that does not interrupt the general gist of your website. The content you choose must be relevant and help your SEO. Check out this article helping to choose SEO content.

Step 3: Plant Your Seeds

After choosing your seeds for your garden, you need to plant them. “Planting” the seeds for your website is the equivalent of creating content for your website. The creation of content is very important. This content that you create will help you generate buzz about your website and help draw readers to your website. Remember that while creating content you should provide plenty of links in order to help with your SEO.

Step 4: Maintain Your Garden

Once you have chosen your seeds and planted them, you need to upkeep the garden. You need to make sure that it receives sun, water and the correct nutrients. This is the most important part of growing a garden because if you neglect it, the garden will wither and die. In order, to grow you SEO rank you need to make sure to give it the proper “necessities of life.” The necessity of life for SEO rank is updated and relevant material. In order for your SEO rank to maintain or increase you need to make sure that you are providing the proper amount of updated material every day. A good amount of updated material is anywhere from 3-5 pieces a week. If you ensure to give this to your website every week it will grow steadily.

Step 5: Fertilize


Gardens grow very slowly naturally, but the average gardener knows that you can use fertilizers in order to speed the growth of your garden. The same can be done with you SEO rank. The two “fertilizers” you should use are social media and videos.

The use of social media will help your SEO rank grow much quicker. In order to utilize this properly, you need to make sure that your website has a “like” and “share” button from social media websites such as Facebook and Google+. The search algorithms that Google uses weighs how often other users link back to your website. If there are lots of “link-backs” to your site the higher your SEO rank will be. Google+ is another factor that Google weighs heavily in its search algorithms . The more active you are on Google+ and the farther you extend your circles, the higher your SEO rank will be.

The other fertilizer is the use of YouTube videos to promote your business website. The Google search algorithm weighs YouTube videos with relevant keywords very highly. In order to utilize this, you should create a video with keywords in the video description that apply to your website. This will increase its SEO rank. Also along with the appropriate keywords you should also make sure to provide the URL of your website. This way people will follow it to your website. Another advantage of using a video in your SEO rank strategy is that it takes a spot on the first page that one of your competitors could be in because the video will appear as a separate result from your company website. So by using videos to improve your SEO rank you increase your likelihood of being on the first page while weakening your competitors’.

Now that you have some tips to grow your SEO rank “garden,” get out there and start cultivating.


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