How to Associate an Incoming Email

How to Associate an Incoming Email With a Contact.

To use the e-mail functionality in the E-mail module, you must have a MAPI compliant e-mail program installed and set up on your computer as the default e-mail program. The E-mail module works with your default e-mail program to send and view e-mail.

Tip: The performance of the E-mail module is directly related to the size of your inbox in your default e-mail program. The more e-mails in your inbox, the longer it will take for the E-mail module to open.

To Associate an Email:

1)  Click the Email Button on the the Toolbar. associate1 It will display a list of all the emails in the Outlook Inbox.


2) Highlight the email you want to Associate with a contact and press the Associate button.  A window will show with all your contacts, select the one you want to associate this email with and press OK.


3) The next window will ask you to confirm this activity was completed.  By selecting Yes and Follow up, you can set a reminder to follow up on this email at a later time.  If you do not want a reminder select the Yes option.


4)  When opening the Contact and selecting the Email tab, it will show the contents of the received email.


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