Pinterest: The Next Big Real Estate Tool?

If you haven’t dared to jump on the social media bandwagon just yet, now is the time to reconsider. After all, almost no one today buys or does anything before searching for information online. Much of this information is sought via social media platforms, and Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing sites ever, is one of them.

Pinterest is an online “pinboard” that lets users create, manage, and share collections of interests mostly in the form of pictures.

Could it be the next big real estate tool? Apparently, Pinterest helps agents and brokers get their websites noticed.

Here’s how:

Create a board for yourself, your business page or your team. Search engines give higher rankings to websites with lots of social interests. So the more people pin your pictures or websites onto their own boards, the higher the website will ultimately rank.


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2 Responses to “Pinterest: The Next Big Real Estate Tool?”

  1. Brandi Thompson 20 May 2012 at 4:26 am #

    The technology itself is exciting and the overall concept has potential, but they made some poor implementation decisions. Give us your Facebook or Twitter account – no exceptions. (Fine, I set up a new Twitter just for Pinterest.) Choose from OUR very short list of interests — you like these, right? Here are some total strangers you’re “following” because they clicked the same interests. The underlying technology that drives Pinterest would make a great personal or shared clipboard where you could gather links and items of interest you run across on the web, with the option to share them with a co-worker or friend. In fact, that’s how I intended to use it when I requested an invitation.


  2. MLR 24 May 2012 at 9:02 am #

    I have found it to be fantastic for finding my favorite local places.. it is so much better than trying to sort through my favorites lists… I love it… being able to create a board for whatever topic I choose is great, and then being able to search for specific things using the narrow topics provided is really helpful.. I have an artist friend that is starting to use it for her artwork and photography.. she is finding it very useful… the only thing I would add is a way to go back to looking in the same spot before you clicked on something…

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