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As a real estate agent you know it’s important to make yourself accessible to clients and potential home buyers from different backgrounds and generations. The key to catering to these distinct markets is knowledge. Although many agents are currently trying to provide for clients that pertain to generation X and baby boomers, the biggest market currently entering the home buying market are Generation Y prospects.

These potential buyers, also known as the “millennial generation” consists of people born between the 1980’s to the early 2000’s. This ever changing market, which has grown up with the influence of the Internet, knows only one way to gather information: quickly and online. Technology is the main platform for their source of information- generally gathered through social media, websites, or landing pages. The internet above all resources has become the key platform for finding their daily news and potential homes. Today, in order to effectively accommodate this generation, it’s imperative to be accessible through various platforms.


You’ve heard it now a million times: Facebook is a must for creating user awareness, especially toward the Millennial Generation.

91% of Facebook users make their places, and interests public
76% spend over an hour on Facebook a day
40% sign into Facebook over 10 times a day

More than anything, Facebook serves a relationship platform- one where agents should communicate with current and potential clients.

The instant messaging media that we’ve all heard and seen in every recent news source. (Stats speak louder than words) and brief statements are all generation X needs to know about your listing.

58%  of users post to Twitter all the time

Independent sales agents (40% of the real estate industry) can and should use Twitter to connect with other larger firms and get their information exposed to a broad span of users and potential home buyers.

Pinterest was recently announced as the fastest growing social media platform. Pinterest’s platform allows users to create categories of interests through photographs and images. An often suggested approach with social media is to have a presence in certain select spaces that make most sense to you and ensure that content is posted on those networks routinely, rather than being on every single platform and having a difficult time keeping up. Pinterest is rapidly proving itself capable of drawing extremely large crowds and is recommended to real estate professionals for posting listing pictures to get noticed by potential clients. Images can be shared or “repined” to various sites, giving further reach to users past your immediate  users accessibility to your listings as well.

20-80% increase in referral traffic
64% of users are women
20% of home buyers are single women


YouTube has become an embedded source of information and cultural norm for younger generations. Thousands of top producing real estate agents benefit from Youtube by posting their listings online and presenting themselves as a source of knowledge for potential buyers. Most importantly, Youtube ranks highly on Google so it makes searching for your listings a lot easier.

20% of Generation Y visit YouTube multiple times a day.

Exposure is crucial and as a real estate professional, you should be taking advatange  of these FREE opportunities (if you aren’t already). Leads can (somewhat) easily be generated and maintained through the internet on a broad spectrum that many have not formed otherwise. It’s now more important than ever to embrace these changes and use it to your advantage.

You can read more about these statistics from Number Crunching: The Top 51 stats for Generation Y marketers.

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